Thursday, April 9, 2009

Audio from Conference

Here are the recordings of the main sessions from the conference in mp3 format.

Click on the files below to play the audio or right click and select "save as.." to download them to your own computer

Mike Goheen Session 1:
Gospel Mission and Worldview (mp3 - 18.6MB)

Mike Goheen Session 2:
Why Worldview is Important for the Local Congregation (mp3 - 18.0MB)

Mark Roques :
Storytelling and Engaging Worldviews (mp3 - 15.7MB)

Dave Wiles :
Worldview and Youth Culture (mp3 - 12.4MB)

Andrew Goddard, Mike Goheen, Mark Roques, Dave Wiles :
Panel Session (mp3 - 9.9MB)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


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Just a quick update (a more complete one to follow). We are delighted with how the conference went. In addition to receiving challenging teaching, it was excellent to see how the event was a place for relationships to start and develop. Let's keep the conversations going!! There may be more pictures to follow, and stay tuned for audio files of the day!

Already there is some buzz about the conference on the web. Please do check out the following:

Report by Steve Bishop

Report on the WENetwork site (HT Roger Allen)

Discussion on WENetwork discussion board started by Pete Holley

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Living at the Crossroads Conference - 4th April 2009

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Mike Goheen - Audio

You can find some audio recordings of Mike Goheen, the keynote speaker for the 'Living at the Crossroads' conference by clicking on the following links.

Acts 29 Regional Church Conference Audio Sessions

IVCF sessions on mission at the University of Calgary